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Hello again! It is rather uncomfortable writing about yourself, however I am sure at least some, even if a small few, might be interested and curious as to who the person is behind my dolls. The basics are that I am 27, I am a Taurus with a Libra moon and rising. I live on a beautiful acerage in Northern New South Wales, Australia with a gorgeous family, my partner in crime, our dog and loads of native critters including a bevy of wallabies, echidnas, native birds and insects. Its a perfect haven for someone who loves to sculpt faeries! There is always an abundant flow of inspiration and I am often seeing little faces poking out at me from amongst the bushes, the patterns in a rock or the stalk of a mushroom.

My parents are sculptors and I was always encouraged to persue any creative whim that happened to sweep me up at the time. I feel as though I am born to create in whatever form it may be and feel blessed to have been born to such parents! I feel the urge to create at least one thing everday, whether it be writing a poem, writing a song, sculpting, drawing or graphic design. Whatever forum of expression it may be, creating seems to be as effortless as breathing for me.

I started sculpting faeries from polymer clay in 2002 after being inspired by a few American doll artists, those being Julie Manserg, Marilyn Radzat and Michelle Bradshaw. After hours of diligent practice I taught myself to sculpt and the rest is history. I have been auctioning and selling privately to collectors from all over the world ever since, including Hong Kong, Japan, America, England, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Scotland. My future plans include a childrens book and a range of stationary, gift cards and prints.