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Hello there! Welcome to my fantasy world, the future home of a little faerie haven on the net just for you! I hope you enjoy the layout, it was inspired by the rainforest I live in and the phospherescent bugs and mushrooms of the night.

I absolutely believe in faeries! I believe that they are as much an important and integral part in the production and perpetuation of nature as a bee or any other physical organism that we can see, except that faeries are slightly different in that they handle the etheric/life force part of the organism, and the subtler auric pulses of electromagnetism. I like to think that they hover between dimensions, neither here nor there and can only be seen through the etheric nervous system. I believe that oneday this wont sound quite as crazy and naive as most would perhaps think, and that science will oneday evolve to the position of having the capacity to detect these beings as a natural occurence that still abide by the natural laws of this universe and arent bound solely to myth, superstition or the mental conconction of mad people or escapists.

I try to keep alive the flame of curiosity for this place, by dreaming of its endless possibilities and the evolution of our consciousness. I endevor to be more and more open and attuned to this mysterious flower of life thats forever unfolding its petals in offering to us even though we may not always see, unconditionally revealing its secrets in hope that we may reclaim who we are. May we all unfold with grace and joy into our true resplendant selves and reclaim our true heritage of natural love and peace!